Swedish Doommetal


The band had a defining influence on doom metal, and the genre itself is named after their debut album Epicus Doomicus Metallicus.

CANDLEMASS have come full circle: their first singer Johan Langquist (who left the band after singing on the legendary 1986 debut “Epicus Doomicus Metallicus”) has returned to sing on a studio album after several much-praised live reunion shows with the Swedes! “The Door To Doom” (of course graced by another semi-ironic title flirting with the band`s genre impact) unsurprisingly follows the plotline mastermind, songwriter and bass player Leif Edling established in the past few years: highly polished epic doom that doesn`t simply rely on slow mammoth riffing, but also feeds of of the ever-present hammond organ and Johan Langquist`s highly dramatic vocal style.

The most traditional and exciting track on “The Door To Doom” is fittingly rounded off by a beautiful guest appearance by none other than Black Sabbath`s Tony Iommi: ‘Astorolus – The Great Octopus‘ is quite simply the manifestation of pure and unadulterated doom! We expected nothing less from the founders of a whole subgenre, and nothing less than the throne they forged themselves is good enough for CANDLEMASS.


  • Day: Friday

  • Time: TBA




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